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Privacy Policy

TaikoMasa Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "TaikoMasa") recognizes the importance of your privacy, and is committed to protecting personal information that is provided to us via this website or by other means. In addition to abiding by all applicable laws and regulations, the following efforts are made to protect your privacy.

Collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information
When collecting your personal information, we will clearly state the purpose at the point of collection, and use or disclose the information only in ways that agree with the purpose you have agreed to.
Updating or deleting your personal information
TaikoMasa honors your rights to your personal information. Upon receiving your request to disclose, update, delete, or deny use or disclosure of your personal information, TaikoMasa will comply within a reasonable time frame.
TaikoMasa takes appropriate security measures to protect your personal information against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering, leakage, and other risks pertaining to personal information.
Ongoing improvement of internal procedures
TaikoMasa will continue to revise and improve our internal procedures to effectively and appropriately protect your privacy.
Link Policy
This website includes links to sites other than this website. This does not, however, imply the affiliation of TaikoMasa with these sites, and your personal information will not be shared with these sites unless otherwise stated.
TaikoMasa may disclose your personal information upon receiving a legitimate request from the court of law, the police, the consumer affairs bureau, or other agencies with equivalent authority.
Changes to this policy
Any changes to be made to this Privacy Policy will be posted on the top page of this website.